Sidewalks and Driveways

Blast Away Built-Up Grime on Your Driveway

Hire us for driveway pressure washing services in Brewer, ME

It's hard to make a good impression on your guests if your driveway is covered in layers of dirt and grime. Work with Smith and Lane Pressure Washing to make the entrance to your property pop - for all the right reasons.

We provide driveway pressure washing services in Brewer, ME. You can count on us to make your concrete driveway sparkle by eliminating:

Car oil
Chewing gum
Dirt and grime

Contact us to schedule affordable driveway pressure washing services. We'll be glad to give you a free estimate.

sidewalk pressure washing brewer me

Be proud to show off your sidewalks

Your sidewalks play a defining role in your property's appearance and functionality. If your sidewalks are discolored and slippery from years of grime buildup, turn to us for sidewalk pressure washing services in Brewer, ME or the surrounding area. Using high-pressure cleaning equipment, we can make your sidewalks safe and accessible again.

Call today to arrange for sidewalk pressure washing services.